MOTU Classics - Shadow Beast

Ref. : REF32414
Type : action figure
Material : plastic
Size : app.8"
Origin : USA
Year : 2011
Condition : mint in box
Shadow Beast - Evil Creature of Darkness
Real Name: varies
Great ape-like beasts who live in tribes throughout the dark hemisphere, Shadow Beasts can only come out in the absence of light. Originally created by Count Marzo as a weapon to use against his enemies, the beasts were driven back by Princes Keldor and Randor and forced to reside in the shadows of Mount Barathrum. There they developed a long standing hatred of bothe the Human and Gar race. Easily manipulated, the ever growing colony of Beasts was later controlled by Beast-Man in the service of Skeletor to take down Eternos Palace. With their great strengths and stealth-like appearance, Shadow Beasts are more than a match for most Heroic Warriors.

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