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Welcome to Lulu Berlu, the biggest collectible toys store in France - Shipping worldwide
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Who are we?

Welcome to
Lulu Berlu

The largest collectible toy store in France

Founded in the last century, internationally known company Lulu-Berlu was the first retail store in France entirely devoted to old and current collectible toys and figures. With more than 50,000 items on more than 2,000 different themes, spanning from the 1950s to the present day, Lulu-Berlu remains the benchmark for toys collectors. You will find in our store most of the heroes of your childhood, however distant it may be...

Lulu-Berlu's retail store opened its doors back in 1996 and was first managed by Eric Petaut and Maurice Balicot, two antics dealers and vintage toys lovers. Fueled by their passion for all things from yesterday, they traveled all over Europe, United States and Japan during the nineties in search for that rare toy for their customers were dreaming of... back before the internet was a thing...

Meet the Lulu-Berlu Team :

Reginald "Reg" Sirvent. Collecting action-figures since his childhood, and being a fan of eighties toys since the seventies (!), he is also the French expert on many toy lines from that time, collaborating to numerous domestic and international publications on themes ranging from G.I.Joe to Knights of the Zodiac, from Jem and the Holograms to M.A.S.K… His self-proclaimed love for muscular guys in underpants is well known, and made him a walking encyclopedia for anything Masters of the Universe and Wrestling Superstars alike!

Fred "Lord Kitsch" Pernet, collector of vintage toys for more than 30 years, his heart swinging between heroic-fantasy and science fiction...Basically, he likes Alien, he likes Conan, he likes Willow, he likes Star Wars, and so on.. Secretly, he is still hoping for that crossover between Judge Dredd and the Smurfs.

Daniel "Action Dan" Rous. A pioneer among toy collectors and lifelong reader of 20th century comic books, this original geek is undisputed expert on anything Superman. The one his peers respectfully call "Nerd Prime" was also the creator of the "Star Toys" magazine, the first French publication about action-figures dating back to 1984. After touring the US scene, Action Dan set off to conquer the country of Godzilla and its Tokusatsu heroes...

Lulu Berlu store in Paris

Lulu Berlu in Paris
It's a 150m2 retail store
with thousands of toys
for every collector out there!

Just like a museum... where you can buy everything you see!

While visiting Paris, come visit our store and shop "the old fashioned way"!

Buying toys on-line is great. Getting toys from a real brick'n mortar store is best!

We buy
your vintage toys

We buy all of them!

Have anything to sell?

We can buy all your toys, from one single piece to an entire collection!

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