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Barbarossa Custom Creations

Masters of the Universe - Dark Dream (Europe card) - Barbarossa Art

Ref. : REF41915
Type : action-figure  
Material : plastic  
Size : 5 inches  
Year : 2014
Origin : USA
Condition : mint on card (see pictures). Note : Bubble has a large crack on the bottom.

DARK DREAM, Evil Master of Nightmares! 

Lurking out of the darkness from the classic episode, "Eternal Darkness", Dark Dream joins the ranks of Neo-Vintage Masters of the Universe custom action figures!
This is a unique offering which features an original, intricately sculpted body. Cast in translucent plastic, it features a nightmarish scene of ghoulish faces swirling as if in a vortex; signifying what lay beneath the robes of the spector-like Dark Dream. What's more, his body is equipped with a flickering light that gives a creepy glow to the figure when in a dark room (and you'll see his 'power' more intense when it IS dark because after all, he IS Dark Dream!)

Articulated at the head and shoulders, Dark Dream also features a highly detailed, tattered custom robe with hanging sleeves. Batteries are included in the light mechanism and as always, the figure is cast in durable, colored plastic with a detailed and sealed paintjob on his face (which includes sculpted eyes - not just painted on!)

As always, this figure has been infused with the look and sensibility of the vintage line in interpreting the animated series' character. The end result is a figure which we proudly believe would surely have joined the ranks of many a cool but creepy toy which many 1980's parents' watchdog groups would have put on a list of inappropriate toys!

Features everything you expect from a Barbarossa Art Custom:

Colored plastic parts cast by hand!
Durable construction - NOT a fragile custom!
100% original sculpted head and body!
Light-up feature actually works!
Custom cloth robes - sewn and glued!
Torso is rigid plastic and the limbs, head and weapons are made of a pliable, semi-rigid plastic, simulating the look and feel of the originals!

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