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Barbarossa Custom Creations

Masters of the Universe - Ice Troll (USA card) - Barbarossa Art

Ref. : REF41236
Type : action-figure  
Material : plastic  
Size : 5 inches  
Year : 2014
Origin : USA
Condition : mint on card (see pictures)  

ICE TROLL, Protector of the Ice Mountains! 

Of the many characters from the classic cartoon which had a cool design but only a brief appearance, it can be said that few claimed as lofty a position as the Ice Trolls of Darksmoke. These trolls seemed to be only humanoids who actually had any relations with the great Granamyr; an impressive claim indeed! Now these stubborn and reclusive creatures are brought to life in brand new neo-vintage custom action figures! The Ice Troll aka Trollos features real working power-punch action, a furry fabric tunic with elastic belt (reminiscent of the Prince Adam vintage figure), a brand new weapon and a head sculpt which takes great care in capturing the design from the cartoon but giving it that vintage-feel 'spin' to make it a truly trollish addition to the vintage line!

Features everything you expect from a Barbarossa Art Custom:

Colored plastic parts cast by hand!
Durable construction - NOT a fragile custom!
100% original sculpted head!
Action-features actually work!
Hands & boots are cast separately so there’s no paint to scratch off!
Torso is rigid plastic and the limbs, head and weapons are made of a pliable, semi-rigid plastic, simulating the look and feel of the originals!


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