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Barbarossa Custom Creations

Masters of the Universe - Negator (Europe card) - Barbarossa Art

Ref. : AR0006218
Type : action-figure  
Material : plastic resin 
Size : 5 inches
Year : 2016
Origin : USA
Condition : mint on card (see pictures) 

NEGATOR Evil Master of Mazes

Presenting a figure long in the making, the nefarious NEGATOR and his evil NERBS!  From the animated series episodes Game Plan and Trouble's Middle Name, he is one of the few 'one-off' villains who made multiple appearances.  Negator has been crafted to include a special action feature to create a role-play scenario directly out of the cartoon: his unique action feature involves a split-circuit light-up feature with multiple power sources which allows you to make his hands light up with, "power" by touching his hands to either Nerb figure's eyes (like he's CHARGING UP) OR by pressing the button on his back (for BATTLE).  Recreate scenes from the cartoon!  This is a Neo-Vintage figure-first!

Speaking of figure-firsts, I've created something special to showcase this action feature: a, "fan-made" retro-inspired commercial!  Check it out in all its 1980s glory in either the "VHS" version or the "restored" "DVD" version.

Negator features authentic styling to make him fit in with the original action figure line.  His armor is removable and he's articulated at the neck, shoulders, waist and thighs.  As per usual, all main pieces were cast in colored-plastic with only his facial details receiving paint - for maximum durability! He comes with TWO Nerb figurines with batteries imbedded inside. They are static figures which take a cue from the vintage Orko design.

EXTREMELY limited, hand-crafted art figures, Negator and his two Nerbs come carded on either USA or European styled card backs.


Barbarossa Art Customs: The Big Bang Project:
The Big Bang Project is our effort to continue the original line of MOTU through custom-crafted art pieces (i.e., custom action figures) which fit into an imaginary history of what might have happened had the line survived.

Authenticity is our main goal, so for every element of design or fabrication we do our best to keep to the spirit of the original line.  “How would it have been if they’d made it back in the late 80’s?” is the question we always keep in mind.  We want to create figures which fit seamlessly with the vintage figures and create the characters we all wished to see back when we were kids.  It’s an artistic and nostalgic joy to bring back those memories as well as create new ones, the way that only finding a new MOTU figure on the pegs at the local toy store could do!



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