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Barbarossa Custom Creations

MOTU Classics - Crystoll - Barbarossa Custom Creations

Ref. : AR0005987
Evil Intergalactic Mercenary!
Type : action figure
Material : plastic
Size : app.6"
Origin : USA
Year : 2016
Condition : read below

BEHOLD!  From the prototype sketches and designs of the New Adventures of He-Man comes this fully-realized custom figure of CRYSTOLL!  Featured in several strips and print media, this fearsome crystalline warrior comes to you in true "CLASSICS" style!

It took HOURS of work to create the crystalline look of his face, arms and hands. These details were ALL HAND-CRAFTED -- they were not taken from any existing figure.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Loose Fully Articulated Custom Action Figure perfectly in scale with 6-7" MOTU Classics Figures!
  • Custom-Printed Inserts:
    • Cardback Photo Paper Insert (Includes Original Bio!)
    • Card face Photo Paper Insert
    • Name & Title Insert
  • MOTUC Title & Faction Insert Graphics
  • MOTUC Trimmed Bubble w/White Lightning
  • ZOLOWORLD MOTUC Protective Case to Display your Custom Figure with you Carded Figures

A tremendous amount of time and care was put into the design and crafting of this figure.  I take great pride in creating the best possible quality figures and am certain you'll be proud to display him with your New Adventures MOTUC Figures!



  • Extensive original sculpting including:
    • Head (completely from scratch)
    • Chest Plate of Armor (completely from scratch)
    • Thigh Pads (completely from scratch)
    • Shin Guards (completely from scratch)
    • Back Armor, Elbow Pad - modified from base parts
    • Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms and Hands - all sculpted detail over base parts
    • Weapon - modified from base parts

Body Construction:

  • Entire upper body has been molded and cast in a translucent red plastic to create the 'crystal' effect.
  • A mix of casting plastics used to ensure maximum durability and quality of aesthetics.
  • Lower body a mix of original and new parts.

Paint & Handling:

  • Quality acrylic paints and sealants used.
  • Figure can be handled by a collector and is a durable art piece but is not a toy for children.

Weapon Detail:

  • Custom designed "Cosmic Pick Hammer" Weapon.
  • Cast in dark gray plastic and assembled from three separate pieces.
  • Dry-brushed with silver for gunmetal effect.

Armor Detail:

  • All armor pieces are cast in colored flexible rubber which feels just like factory pieces!
  • Armor pieces are soft enough to bend and achieve wide range of poses.
  • Chest armor is removable and cast in blue rubber.  Clasps closed on one side, meets together on other side.
  • Elbow pad also cast in blue. (Not removeable).
  • Trunks and elbow pad strap cast in dark gray.
  • Accents hand-painted with quality acrylics.  Dry-brushing silver and full-coat silvery-purple used.


  • Ball joint neck, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, SWIVEL WRISTS, hinged ab crunch, swivel waist, ball-hinge thighs, thigh swivel, knee hinge, calve swivel, ankle hinge (no ankle rocker)
  • Head pops off to allow armor to be removed (handle with care when doing this compared to a factory-produced figure)
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