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Barbarossa Custom Creations

MOTU Classics - Weapons Rack II ''The Forgotten One'' - Barbarossa Art

Ref. : REF41519

Type : Accessory for action figure
Material : plastic
Size : for 6" figures
Origin : USA
Year : 2014
Condition : mint

The time: now. The place: Grayskull. The situation: Skeletor and his forces are mounting a ferocious assault upon the castle; he seeks as ever to claim the power within and become Master of the Universe! From within the castle, the call goes out to the Heroic Warriors to take up arms and prepare for battle so they may defend the hallowed halls of the great Fortress of Mystery and Power!

There's only one problem: half of the weapons in the castle's arsenal are strewn about the courtyard and many of the warriors are thus, unarmed! A mighty voice bellows out across the assembly of Heroic Warriors, “where the hell are your weapons!?!?!”

A frustrated He-Man awaits an answer. A hesitant voice rises up from the ranks: "Um, the castle didn't come with anything to store a bunch of our weapons, so we couldn’t find all of them in time to assemble…"

"What?!?!" exclaims a distraught He-Man. "Eternian Realty said this place was fully furnished -- FULLY furnished damn you!! It was in the contract: all weapons were to be accompanied by display racks!"

And lo, amid He-Man’s lamentations over his failure to read the fine print of his real estate contract, Skeletor's forces begin to breach the walls. With bitter disdain, He-Man turns his gaze upon the chippendale breakfast nook (made of walnut with an inlay trim of organic cedar) and grumbles to himself, "Curses upon that breakfast nook and myself: I should have paid more attention to the arsenal."

BUT WAIT! HE-MAN! The story does not end there! For out of the darkness comes what you and the mighty Heroic Warriors need!


That’s right! Now you too can be better prepared to defend Grayskull! Presenting a 100% original sculpted custom piece based upon the second weapons rack depicted in the vintage toy’s cardboard cutouts.

The Weapons Rack II is sculpted in the style of MOTU Classics and fits in perfectly with the line. Undoubtedly, this is a piece that would have made it into the MOTUC Grayskull playset if not for budgetary reasons. The weapons for this particular rack did manage to get into the playset and you will now have a place to store them! Store the axe, mace, blasters and shield!

The Weapons Rack II is cast in sturdy plastic and features a detailed, multiple-layered paintjob to create the look and feel of wood, rope and rusted metal. The pegs are cast separately in gray plastic and the entire piece assembles easily…just insert the pegs into the holes!

Crafted by hand on an extremely limited basis, this custom piece is now available to help complete your ultimate Castle Grayskull!!

(Please note that weapons shown sold separetely, and are no included with the Weapons Rack II)


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