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Barbarossa Custom Creations

Princess of Power - Red Knight (Europe card) - Barbarossa Art

Ref. : REF40644
Type : Action figure
Material : plastic
Size : 5 inches 
Year : 2013
Origin : USA
Condition : mint on card

We've brought you the continuation of the Power of Grayskull with our Neo Vintage Masters of the Universe custom figures and now, it's time to give the same treatment to He-Man's sister, She-Ra in this all new custom PRINCESS OF POWER action figure! Starting what could have been Series 4, we proudly introduce The Red Knight, the brave and mysterious hero who was featured in the classic cartoon series for a very memorable and important appearance. Rumors and theories have long swirled about who he really is, perhaps King Mica himself? Whomever he may be, he has been realized in glorious plastic as the second male character in the POP style! He features authentic styling and design and fits right in with the vintage figures. He is poseable at the neck, shoulders and hips and comes with his trusty lance and a unique shield complete with a POP-esque red jewel, drawing directly from the design in the cartoon! He's made of quality, colored plastic just like our Neo Vintage MOTU figures and painted with great attention to detail, making for a durable art-piece which can be handled as well as displayed. Custom card-art in the spirit of the vintage line's artwork is also featured along with new previews of upcoming projects including Sea Hawk and another greatly overdue villain, Queen Hunga! Red Knight comes carded on a custom card, bubble and insert-tray, just like the original. Make room on your shelves, because it's time to expand your Vintage POP collection!!

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