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ROBOTS - Emergence of a Japanese Culture (Collection B. Caillaud) - Editions Versailles

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Ref. : AR0038296
Type : Art Book (100 pictures) 
Page: 104 (soft cover)
Size : 7''x9'' app
Year : 2023
Origin : France
Condition : Mint
Grendizer (Goldorak), Captain Harlock (Albator), Captain Future (Capitain Flam), Ulysses 31, San-Ku-Kai, Astro boy... At the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, new heroes coming straight from Japan arrived in France in front of an audience stunned by the originality and creativity of the content. France did not yet know that it was experiencing the emergence of a Japanese culture in the West. Main or secondary characters, most of these series included robots at the time. These metallic beings, with breastplates and armor often inspired by samurai, offer a disconcerting and captivating aesthetic thanks to an abundance of colors and shapes. These robots were then often available in the form of toys. The City of Versailles presents to you an astonishing collection of these robots, acquired patiently and passionately over 25 years by Baptiste Caillaud. Set off to discover these incredible machines, immerse yourself in the great odyssey of these Japanese superheroes, these steel monsters capable of infinite transformation to challenge or save another world. Nice journey!
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