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Masters of the Universe - Icer (USA card) - Barbarossa Art

Ref. : REF34607
Type : action-figure  
Material : plastic resin 
Size : 5 inches
Year : 2011 
Origin : USA
Condition : mint on card (see pictures) 

ICER - Evil Master of Cold!
Wicked warrior from the frozen north, Icer is now realized in an authentic custom action figure which really looks like he’s made of ice! This figure has been very carefully crafted to be the definitive Icer: capturing the best images from his cartoon appearance as well as keeping to the usually more imposing demeanor of the vintage figures. This Icer also comes with a wide array of accessories – all made to look like “ice!” His armor can even be used to role play “trapping” his foes, along with a special “ice” foot trap! He retains a working power-punch and looks especially “cool” when held up to different light sources. Icer’s shield even doubles as a snow sled to help him escape any foes he’s frozen!

Barbarossa Art Customs: The Big Bang Project:
The Big Bang Project is my effort to add to the original line of MOTU through custom-crafted art pieces (i.e., custom action figures) which fit into an imaginary history of what might have happened had the line continued.

Authenticity is my main goal, so for every element of design or fabrication I do my best to keep to the spirit of the original line. “How would it have been if they’d made it back in the late 80’s?” is the question I always keep in mind. I want to create figures which fit seamlessly with the vintage figures and create the characters we all wished to see back when we were kids. It’s an artistic and nostalgic joy to bring back those memories as well as create new ones, the way that only finding a new MOTU figure on the pegs at the local toy store could do!
Project Summary:

Character Name: ICER, Evil Master of Cold!
Project Type: Custom Vintage-Styled Action Figure
Toy Line: Masters of the Universe
Size: 5 ½” Basic Figure
Packaging: Custom Punched Card with Custom Sealed Blister Bubble (Custom Designed)
Articulation: Neck, Shoulders, Legs
Action Features: Real Working Power-Punch
Accessories: “Ice” Spear, Shield, Chest Armor, Shoulder Armor, Thigh Armor, “Ice” Foot-Trap
Original Artwork: Card Face Character Image, Card Back Title Image, Preview Image, Instructions
Production: Each Figure Uniquely Fabricated by Hand
Paints Used: Acrylics for Decoration; Sealed with Acrylic Sealer
Resins Used: Exothermic Two-Part Clear-Cast Resin, “Liquid Plastic”; inert when cured
Fabrics Used: None
Adhesives Used: Super Glue

Notes: Unique art piece for the adult collector, NOT a toy for children. The figure can be handled and the power punch can be used but remember, this IS a hand-crafted art piece and the casting resin is not typically as resilient as factory-used ABS plastics.

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